Hello ELSC Family, updated June 3rd, 2021

We hope you are staying safe, active and healthy during our second season of these challenging COVID restrictions.

Per the Province’s new guidelines, outdoor sports and leagues are not permitted until Phase Two. Phase Two will not occur until early to mid July 2021, at the earliest. Based on these new guidelines and the extremely limited time left this summer, there is unfortunately no way that ELSC can accommodate any 2021 Soccer Season.

Current Credits on Account:

Some families still have their 2020 Registration Fees saved on account with ELSC. We have been processing refund requests received and will have every request received before May 31, 2021 processed within the next 2 weeks. If you have already submitted a refund request you do not need to resubmit it, as our Registrar is currently working through those received to date.

At this point, you can either continue to leave your 2020 payment with ELSC as a ‘Credit on Account’ for the 2022 Season or ‘Request a Refund’ anytime before the 2022 Season begins.

If you choose to leave your payment as a ‘Credit on Account’; this guarantees your spot for the 2022 Season, and guarantees the 2020 Registration Rates; with you only paying any difference in divisional fees based on the 2020 Rates and not the 2022 Rates; as we anticipate increases may be required for 2022. If you choose this option, no action is required at this time. ELSC greatly appreciates anyone able to choose this option, as it will help offset the cost of uniforms and balls purchased in 2020, that will now be used for the 2022 Season.

You will still need to register all players for the 2022 Season and ELSC will remind you of your ‘Credit on Account’ before the 2022 Season Registration begins.

If you wish to ‘Request a Refund’, please email registrar@eastlondonsoccer.ca; providing the First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth of each Player you are requesting a refund for. If repayment by cheque is required, we will use the address on file in our registration system, unless you advise us otherwise. You will receive repayment in full within 60 days.

We will be updating our Website today with this announcement; as well as posting it to Facebook and Twitter.

Please contact us at info@eastlondonsoccer.ca with any questions you may have.

ELSC appreciates the continued support of our soccer families and looks forward to seeing you again next year for the 2022 Season! Until then, please stay SAFE, ACTIVE and HEALTHY!

Your East London Soccer Club Board

Mission Statement

  • ELSC promotes and supports the game of soccer and provides a team environment for any individual to participate and develop their skills.
  • Ensures the player has the opportunity to play at a level appropriate to his/her age.
  • Maintains a Youth Referee Mentorship Policy.
  • Supports the training and development of our Coaches and Assistant Coaches.
  • Maintains a ZERO tolerance policy against discrimination, harassment, and misconduct.